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About People Search

Find the information you need with a people search

A people search can help you locate an individual. It can also give you information on your subject. A people search can locate a distant relative or an old friend you've lost touch with, or it can help you gather information on someone's criminal history or employment history.

Performing a people search can uncover a wealth of information about nearly any person. However, it's important to do your homework first and choose the right kind of people search platform. The tools on this website will help you quickly and easily find the right person.

Why perform a people search?

There are many reasons you may need to conduct a people search. If you've lost touch with an old friend or family member, a people search can help you connect with that person. You might also conduct a people search to learn more about a potential employee, a new neighbor, or a new romantic interest.

A people search can put you in touch with an old classmate or a family member. It's easy to lose touch with people over the years, but a people search can give you the information you need to reconnect with former friends or distant family members.

You can also run a people search to locate inmates in state or federal correctional facilities. Even though you can conduct an inmate search on your own, it may be difficult if you don't know where the inmate is incarcerated or whether they've been released. A people search can provide the information you need.

People search services can also be used to monitor someone's criminal history. Employers frequently use people searches as part of a background check, especially if they intend to offer someone a job that requires a high-security clearance.

Also, people search agencies can help you search arrest records. Keep in mind that many under arrest haven't necessarily been convicted, so you should be cautious about holding the information against them for employment purposes. In some states, such as California, it is also against the law to use arrest records to deny someone employment.

You can also conduct a people search to locate marriage and divorce records. These services can be particularly useful if you don't know where a marriage or divorce took place. Similarly, you can find old birth records and death records with a people search. The Office of Vital Records in every state stores information on births and deaths, typically going back to 1900 or even earlier.

In some cases, state laws can make it difficult to access vital records. You may need to provide proof of your relationship to the subject of your search. Fortunately, a reputable people search service can help you navigate the laws on accessing vital records in any state.

People search services can be used to gather information on anyone in the U.S. Whether you're interviewing a potential employee or screening someone you met on an online dating site, it's a good idea to use these services as part of performing a thorough background check.

How to find the right person in a people search

The first step in locating the right person is collecting some basic information on your subject. With the right information, you can complete a people search within a few minutes.

At a minimum, you will need a full name to conduct a people search. However, in the case of common names, you may need additional information to confirm that you've located the correct person. Ideally, you should have the individual's full name, approximate age, occupation, and last known residence.

Once you have obtained results from your people search, confirm that you have the correct person using the individual's age, place of birth, or former residences, in order to avoid identification errors.

Keep in mind that in some cases, state law may require the written consent of your subject. This is particularly true if you are performing a background check for employment purposes. Many states have laws requiring employers to obtain consent from the job applicant, inform the applicant of his or her rights, and provide a copy of the completed background check.

However, if you're looking for an old friend or family member, you do not need written consent.

How to perform the best people search

There are many ways to perform a people search. Some services yield inaccurate or incomplete information, so it's best to use the resources you'll find on this site.

Some methods can be very time intensive. For example, you could directly contact the appropriate government agencies in multiple states. If you're looking for a birth certificate or death certificate, you could contact the Office of Vital Records in the state where the individual was born or died.

If you're trying to conduct an inmate search, you could contact the Department of Corrections in every state where you believe the inmate may be incarcerated.

However, performing this kind of people search on your own can be very time-consuming and tedious. This is particularly true if you lack certain information, such as the state where your subject was born or may be incarcerated.

Choosing a leading people search platform can simplify the process. But it is important to choose the right platform. Some platforms contain only limited numbers of records and may return incomplete records or claim that no records exist. Others might provide you with inaccurate information.

You'll also want to know how long it will take for a people search platform to obtain certified copies of public records. Faster searches can get you answers when you need them.

This site provides access to all available public state records as well as all federal records. Our records search is efficient at quickly processing and returning results. When it comes to access and speed, this site is the best choice. By choosing the resources offered here, you'll quickly be able to learn what you need to know.