Mesa Public Defender Records Search

See Mesa, AZ Public Defenders and search free public defenders records. Public defenders are attorneys hired by the court to represent individuals who cannot afford legal representation.

List of Mesa Public Defenders

Maricopa County Public Defenders Office 570 West Brown Road Mesa AZ 85201 480-344-2013

Find Mesa Public Defender Records

The Mesa Public Defender's Office keep records on cases, including trial records, investigation reports, and certain financial documents in Mesa, AZ. Some of these Mesa public records are available upon request.

Records available from the Mesa Public Defender's Office

Public Defenders in Mesa maintain files on every individual they are assigned to represent. This includes Maricopa County case files, investigation reports, indigence determination records, and more. Some of these Maricopa County public records can be requested from Public Defenders.

Confidential Records in Mesa

Some Mesa Public Defender records, including case files, contain information that falls under attorney-client privilege. These records may not be available to the Mesa public. The rules vary by location, but in most places you cannot obtain case files and other records that are privileged according to Arizona State law. If you request a record that contains confidential information, the Mesa Public Defender's office may be willing to provide a redacted copy.

Clients of the Mesa Public Defender's Office always have a right to receive copies of their own case files. These are not considered Mesa public records requests because the case file is the property of the client.

Mesa Financial Records

Public Defenders also maintain financial records that document payments made by the Mesa, Arizona Government for retaining the services of a Public Defender. These financial records are open to the Mesa public, and they can be requested from the Public Defender.

Conflict of Interest Records

Public Defenders also file financial Conflict of Interest statements that can be requested through a public records request in Mesa. These requests can be made directly to the Mesa Public Defender. In some cases, the Public Defender's office may provide online request forms.

Contact the Mesa Public Defender

You can request records from the Public Defender's Office in several ways including contacting the Mesa Office's Records Department and making requests through the Public Defender's website. You may also contact the Mesa Public Defender directly by email or telephone.