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See Petersburg, AK district attorneys and search free public district attorney records District attorneys, prosecuting attorneys and commonwealth attorneys are public officials who represent the state or federal government in legal matters.

List of Petersburg District Attorneys

Petersburg Borough District Attorney PO Box 1009 Petersburg AK 99833 907-772-3824

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The Petersburg District Attorney maintains records on current and former cases in Petersburg, AK. Many of these Petersburg public records are available online upon request.

Records available from the Petersburg DA's Office

The Petersburg District Attorney's Office maintains records on ongoing cases, upcoming court dates, and recently prosecuted cases in Petersburg, Alaska. These records are available to the public. There are many types of records at a District Attorney's Office including Petersburg criminal and civil cases, as well as plea bargain records, parole documents, and other records related to prosecuting cases in Petersburg.

Petersburg Criminal Records

Petersburg criminal records can often be found at the DA's Office. District Attorneys maintain records on Petersburg felony and misdemeanor cases, including homicides, DUIs, drug charges, sexual assaults, property crimes, and other criminal charges. The criminal records held by the district attorney may also contain Petersburg Police Department records. The Petersburg District Attorneys works closely with the Petersburg Police in investigating criminal activities, and those records are often available through the DA.

Certain records are not publicly available through the District Attorney's Office, including documents relating to ongoing investigations, grand jury minutes, and autopsy reports. The court may seal other cases, including juvenile cases.

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If you need information about an ongoing case or a recent case, the Petersburg District Attorney's Office can provide important details about the prosecution. The DA's Office will be able to help you obtain the Petersburg public records you are seeking.

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